Jiaogulan tea is not addictive at all. Jiaogulan tea is commonly referred to as immortality herb (Gynostemma Prentaphylum) in China. Scientists say that this plant possesses some strong anti-aging health effects and therefore making these plant a medicinal herb that offers disease-free and long life. It has the broadest range of health benefits than any other scientifically proven plant can offer. Jiaogulan tea is classified under the gourd or cucumber family. It has been used as a rejuvenating elixir and health tonic for so many years in south-central China. People have been taking it on daily bases before and after work to increase their strength and endurance as well as enhancing good sleep and relieving sleep.

Jiaogulan tea is not addictive.

However, despite this tea being used daily for a long time by the Chinese in south-central China, there has never emerged any case that Jiaogulan tea is addictive. According to the research conducted by a team of scientists commissioned by the Chinese government, it was reported that people had substituted traditional green tea for this immortality herb. Also, after extensive research, it was also confirmed that Jiaogulan tea is not addictive, but it is the most precious and magnificent treasure from nature suitable for some healing effect instead. Also, the research also confirmed that the Chinese who had substituted traditional herbs for Jiaogulan have never experienced any addiction. For instance, Dr. Jialiu who is also referred to as ‘Father of Jiaogulan’ has confirmed that Jiaogulan is now successfully used in university’s hospitals.

The fact that we have said Jiaogulan tea is not addictive does not mean it has no positive benefits to your health. Jiaogulan adjusts the functioning of your nervous system. Whenever your brain becomes irritated, it helps in calming it as well as exciting depressed brains.

Jiaogulan tea is neither a sedative nor a stimulant to your central nervous system, and therefore it is not addictive. If for instance, it has some sedatives or stimulants contents then it would be very addictive to your body. Once sedatives and stimulants get used to your body, you get used to taking it from time to time, and this is now an addiction. Nevertheless, since Jiaogulan tea lacks the two contents, then this tells you that there, not even a single addiction effect. Also, another study was conducted on the Wister rats whereby they were issued with 750mg of Jiaogulan daily for half a year. The study determined that Jiaogulan tea did not cause any effect. There was no any case of addiction nor toxicity to the rats.


If you have ever feared Jiaogulan tea because you suspect it could be addictive, then fear not you are now sure that Jiaogulan is not addictive. Also, enjoy this beneficial tea fearlessly and am sure you will love it. Using Jiaogulan tea benefits your body a lot as it adapts to the needs of your body. Now you can order Jiaogulan tea for your friends and family and award them as the gift (good health).

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